The Right Technology at the Right Time 

Two young entrepreneurs who love the game of golf traveled the world to find the best technology and accuracy for the indoor golf simulator business.


With over 15 years of research and development, WJ Golf simulators are the result of impressive engineering designed to re-create ball flight to within 99% accuracy and deliver insights on your game.


The simulator's camera system, impact sensors, and advanced software provide world-class accuracy and a fun experience for our guests.


All of this is delivered in a fully automated experience that will change the turf to reflect your lie and tee the ball up for each shot to ensure that all of your energy can be put into what matters most:

improving your game.  


Won Cho

Won was the head of IT for an engineering and architectural firm in Chicago. His resonsibilities include operations, development, and transforming the business through IT. 


Won has traveled the world and experienced many different cultures throughout his life. He's played international courses as a child and fell in love with golf at an early age. 


Jason Jung

Jason is an avid golfer. He worked at LG Electronics before following his entrepreneurial dream. Jason was also a first lieutenant at ROK Air Force Officer Training School.


Jason's military background has influenced him to be humble, self-disciplined and transparent. These characteristics are the heart of WJ Golf, and he brings enthusiastic, positive energy to the workplace.